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Part Vocabulary and Structure (25 points, 30 minutes)

Directions: There are 50 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

1. By 1929, Mickey Mouse was as popular ____ children as Coca Cola.

A) for    B) with    C) to    D) in

2. When you buy anything expensive, never forget to ask for the ____ from the shop.

A) receipt    B) trust    C) render    D) tale

3. The financial support is decided not only according to your GRE score, but also according to your ____ in college.

A) intelligence    B) policy    C) performance   D) statement

4. Professor Smith is also the ____ of the international program office. If you have any problem when you study here, you may go to him for help.

A) detective    B) president    C) manager    D) director

5. We do not have a ____ school in our institute. The highest degree we provide for the students is a B. A. and a B. S. .

A) graduate    B) high    C) grade    D) continue

6. Paper clips, drawing pins and safety-pins were ____ all over the floor.

A) separated    B) sprayed    C) spilled    D) scattered

7. I am writing ____ my mother to express her thanks for your gift.

A) in memory of        B) on behalf of

C) with respect to     D) on account of

8. In considering men for jobs in our firm, we give ____ to those with some experience.

A) privilege     B) advice      C) prize       D) preference

9. She is ____ a musician than her brother.

A) much of     B) much as     C) more of     D) more as

10.The assignments are too hard. I can't ____ the work.

A) keep up with     B) catch up with

C) come up with    D) put up with

11. Robert Spring, a 19th century forger, was so good at his profession that he was able to make his living for 15 years by selling ____ signatures of famous Americans.

A) artificial    B) genuine    C) false    D) natural

12.In 1890 there were many American cities and towns where part of a day's school instruction was conducted in language ____ English.

A) more than    B) other than    C) except that    D) except for

13.The problem will be discussed at length in the ____ Chapter.

A) consequent    B) latter    C) late    D) subsequent

14.They are members of the club by ____ of their great wealth.

A) virtue    B) way    C) means    D) word

15.The value of the industrial ____ dropped from about 70 billion dollars to slightly more than 31 billion.

A) outcome    B) outlook    C) output    D) outset

16.Scientists believe that color blindness is a(n) ____ defect, and there is no cure for it.

A) retained    B) inherited    C) received    D) infected

17.She was glad that her success would ____ for the women who would follow.

A) be easier to make     B) make it easier

C) be easier      D) make things easier

18.Fred says that his present job does not provide him with enough ____ for his organizing ability.

A) scope    B) space    C) capacity    D) extent

19.San Francisco is usually cool in the summer, but Los Angeles ____.

A) is rarely    B) hardly is    C) rarely is    D) is scarcelly

20.You've been overworking recently, and would find a holiday ____.

A) fortunate    B) essential    C) profitable    D) beneficial

21.____ you are familiar with the author's ideas, try reading all the sections as quickly as you possibly can.

A) Ever since    B) Now that    C) So that    D) As long as

22.The people didn't trust Senator Maxwell , otherwise he ____.

A) would have re-elected      B) would have been re-elected

C) must have been re-elected       D) were to be re-elected

23.Go straight into the cave and find out what's in there, ____?

A) will you    B) don't you     C) do you    D) can you

24.The old man was shocked to learn that his illness could result in death if ____ untreated.

A) to leave     B) to be left     C) leaving     D) left

25.Our teacher recommend that we ____ as attentive as possible when we visit the museum.

A) are     B) be     C) were     D) shall be

26.The old man came upstairs with great strength , his right hand ____ a stick for support.

A) held     B) holding     C) being holding    D) was holding

27.My wife said in her letter that she would appreciate ____ from you sometime.

A) hearing    B) to hear     C) having heard     D) to have heard

28.It ____ around nine o'clock when I drove back home because it was already dark.

A) had to be     B) was to be

C) must be       D) must have been

29.If you act ____ the doctor's advice ,you won't get well again.

A) aside from    B) contrary to     C)capable of     D) prior to

30.Visitors coming for short periods of time do not always experience ____ intense emotions ____ visitors who live in foreign countries for longer terms.

A) the same as

B) both and

C) either... or

D) so that

31.Urban mothers had difficulty ____ their children into child care facilities.

A) get

B) to get

C) in getting

D) for getting

32.If it ____ too much trouble, I'd love a cup of tea.

A) isn't

B) wasn't

C) weren't

D) hadn't been

33.The population of many Alaskan cities has ____ doubled in the past three years.

A)larger than

B)as great as

C)more than

D)as many as

34.All that can be done ____.

A)have been done

B)have done

C)has done

D)has been done

35.A person beating a drum or blowing a trumpet causes vibrations in the air ____ sound waves.

A) calls

B) called

C) is called

D) are called

36.These national parks are very important for preserving many animals, who would ____ run the risk of becoming extinct.

A) otherwise

B) nevertheless

C) therefore

D) instead

37.They had an accident on the road and didn't ____ at their hotel until after midnight.

A) show off

B) check in

C) check out

D) drop out

38.After his leave Tom went back on duty to ____ his soldiers.

A) put in charge of

B) be charged with

C) be taken in charge by

D) take charge of

39.The three rows at the front are ____ for guests.

A) conserved

B) deposited

C) reserved

D) stored

40.One thing it's safe to say about robots is that anything you can write about them will already be ____ by the time it's read. That's how fast robot technology is developing.

A) out of order

B) out of date

C) out of control

D) out of sight

41.The autumn air felt ____ so he went to fetch a coat.

A) cool

B) severe

C) harsh

D) chilly

42.A managing director cannot expect to have much time to ____ to purely personal matters.

A) reserve

B) spare

C) concentrate

D) devote

43.His enthusiasm for the plan seems to have ____, for he never speaks about it any more.

A) worn off

B) got down

C) fallen out

D) used up

44.With the spring here you can ____ these ski boots till you need them again next winter.

A)put away

B)get rid of

C) give away

D)do away with

45.No artistic creation can achieve greatness if ____ from life.

A) resulted

B) escaped

C) divorced

D) shielded

46.The Petersons have a very ____ daughter. She is always running and jumping.

A) quiet

B) vigorous

C) naughty

D) mischievous

47.If you like a large print of your photograph we can blow it ____ for you.

A) up

B) through

C) out

D) over

48.The speaker agreed to ____ from the position that he had just stated.

A) return

B) jump

C) withdraw

D) retreat

49.Some hobbies can only be ____ by rich people.

A) taken in

B) taken on

C) taken up

D) taken over

50.I think it is only by a ____ of imagination that you say you have seen a ghost.

A) pinch

B) lack

C) shortage

D) stretch

Part Reading Comprehension (45 points, 50 minutes)

Directions: There are 6 passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

Passage 1

Question 51 to 55 are based on the following passage:

Censorship (审查制度) is for the good of society as a whole. Imagine what chaos there would be if we lived in a society without laws. Like the law, censorship contributes to the common good.

Some people think that it is disgraceful that a censor should interfere with works of art. Who is this person, they say, to ban this great book or cut that great film? No one can set himself up as a superior being. But we must remember two things. Firstly, where genuine works of art are concerned, modern censors are extremely liberal in their views----often far more liberal than a large section of the public. Artistic merit is something which censors clearly recognize. And secondly, we must bear in mind that the great proportion of books, plays and films which come before the censor are very far from being "works of art".

When discussing censorship, therefore, we should not confine our attention to great masterpieces, but should consider the vast numbers of publications and films which make up the bulk (大部分) of the entertainment industry. When censorship laws are relaxed, dishonest people are given a licence to produce virtually anything in the name of "art". There is an increasing tendency to equate "artistic" with "pornographic" (色情的).So one of the great things that censorship does is to prevent certain people from making fat profits by corrupting the minds of others. Society would really be poorer if it deprived itself of the wise counsel and the restraining influence which a censor provides.

51.A censor's duty is ____.

A) to see there is no filthy content in publications or films

B) to ban books and cut films

C) to distinguish works of art from others

D) to make sure that no licence is given to dishonest people

52.Some people are against censorship for the reason that ____.

A) censorship is not consistent with the ideals of democracy

B) censors prevent people from making profits

C) censors are conservative and cannot appreciate artistic merit

D) censorship limits the way people feel and think

53.When the writer says "to equate 'artistic' which 'pornographic', he means ____.

A) there is no clear distinction between what is artistic and what is pornographic

B) masterpieces are sometimes offensive to decency

C) many pornographic works will be published in the name of art

D) artistic works and pornographic works have the same market value

54.According to the writer, a society free from censorship ____.

A) would be poor materially

B) would expose its people to dangers of being corrupted

C) could not develop its entertainment industry

D) would allow only a small section of people to make profits

55.All the following are the writer's views except that ____.

A) censors are fully qualified for their job

B) masterpieces even with pornographic content are still masterpieces

C) society will not do without censorship

D) many books, plays and films are not works of art

Passage 2

Question 56 to 60 are based on the following passage:

A few weeks ago I was talking to a school inspector in one of the more fashionable districts of Paris. She astonished me by saying that if she had young children today, she'd probably send them to a private school. She had devoted 25 years of her life to the ideal of free public education, she said, but the truth was the state system was in a mess.

There are two main problems: State schools in France have to accept whatever teachers are assigned to them by the Ministry of Education. As my school inspector friend put it, "one year a school may be excellent; three or four years later, half the teachers may be incapable!" That is not very reassuring if you're a parent. Private schools can choose their own teachers.

The other problem is discipline or, rather, the lack of it. Not long ago a school in Birmingham made headlines in Britain because the teachers were being terrorized by their pupils. In the desolate suburbs of low-cost apartment blocks, thrown together in the 1960s on the outskirts of most big French cities, such stories are commonplace. Vandalism(破坏他人财产的行为), drug-taking and extortion aren't limited to schools in poor areas either. A recent poll found that 88 per cent of French children rate as the biggest problem of their school lives the prevalence (流行, 猖獗)of factions and gangs which spend all their time fighting one another. Small wonder, then, that the private schools, with their emphasis on traditional values, are undergoing a new surge of popularity (despite disapproval from France's new socialist leaders), and competition to get into the best of them has now become intense.

56.The French school inspector has long been a supporter of ____.

A) compulsory education B) free private education

C) private schools D) the state school system

57.The French state education system ____.

A) does not guarantee the competence of teachers

B) seems to have no serious difficulties

C) is running smoothly

D) promises to maintain high standards

58.Private schools in France today ____.

A) are generally undergoing changes for the worse

B) enjoy the prestige(声望) of becoming the place to send one's children to

C) have become victims of vandalism

D) never hire teachers who stress traditional values

59.Lack of discipline among students is rampant in state schools ____.

A) in the Paris slums, but not in other areas

B) noticeably and solely in the poorer areas in French cities

C) almost everywhere in France

D) rather restricted to Birmingham

60.France children who wish to go to the best private schools can do so by ____.

A) taking highly competitive examinations B) simply sending in applications

C) joining factions and gangs D) drawing lots

Part Cloze ( 10 points, 15 minutes )

Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should choose the One that the best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the cettre.

Today vegetables, fish, fruit, meat and beer are canned in enormous quantities. Within three generations the 81 habits of millions have been revolutionized. Foods that were previously 82 may now be eaten at any time, and strange foods are 83 far from the countries where they are 84 . The crops many farmers now produce often depend on the nearness of a canning factory.

The first stage in the canning 85 is the preparation of the raw food. Diseased and waste portions are thrown 86 ; meat and fish are cleaned and trimmed; fruit and vegetables washed and graded for 87 . The jobs are principally 88 by machine.

The next stage, for vegetables only, is soak in very 89 or boiling water for a short time to remove air and 90 the vegetable. This makes 91 easier to pack into cans for sterilization (free from living germs).Some packing machines fill 92 to 400 cans a minute. Fruit, fish and meat are packed raw and cold into cans, and then all the air is removed. 93 the cans are sealed, the pressure inside each can is only about half the pressure of the outside air.

The sterilization process which follows the cans are subjected 94 steam or boiling water, with the temperature and time 95 according to the type of food. Cans of fruit, for example, 96 only 5-10 minutes in boiling water, 97 meat and fish are cooked at higher temperatures for 98 period. After sterilization, the cans are cooled quickly to 32 degree to prevent the contents 99 becoming too soft.

The final stage before sending off to the grocer is labeling, and packing the tins into boxes. Nowadays, however, labeling is often printed on in 100 by the can-maker and no paper labels are then required.

81.A) eat     B) eatable    C) eaten    D) eating

82.A) monthly   B) year-round   C) seasonal     D) quarterly

83.A) accessible   B) obtained   C) available    D) usable

84.A) planting   B) grown    C) growing     D) producing

85.A) process   B) reaction    C) procession  D) program

86.A) about   B) away    C) down    D) up

87.A) size    B) length    C) height   D) breadth

88.A) had   B) fulfilled     C) pocked    D) done

89.A) chilly     B) cold    C) hot    D) freezing

90.A) soften   B) cook    C) steam    D) harden

91.A) them   B) it     C) us     D) that

92.A) up     B) down    C) in     D) on

93.A) When   B) If    C) Although   D) Before

94.A) on    B) to    C) in      D) at

95.A) varies    B) vary   C) varied     D) varying

96.A) cost   B) spend   C) take    D) consume

97.A) as    B) because   C) while    D) for

98.A) less    B) longer   C) shorter    D) more

99.A) off    B) through   C) by    D) from

100. A) fashion   B) before hand  C) advance   D) practice

Part IV English-Chinese Translation (20 points, 15 minutes)

Directions: In this part, there are six items which you should translate into Chinese, each item consisting one or more sentences. They are all taken from the reading passage you have just read.

(line 1-3, para. 3, passage 1 ) When discussing censorship, therefore, we should not confine our attention to great masterpieces, but should consider the vast numbers of publications and films which make up the bulk (大部分) of the entertainment industry.

(line 2-3, para. 2, passage 2 ) As my school inspector friend put it, "one year a school may be excellent; three or four years later, half the teachers may be incapable!"

(line 5-7, para. 2, passage 3 ) He must serve as a man responsible for the fortune he has earned and use that fortune to provide greater opportunity for all and to increase mans knowledge of himself and of his universe.

(line 2-4, para. 2, Passage 4 ) It is just one of several techniques being tried at U.S. medical schools and hospitals in an attempt to deal with the most universal complaint about doctors: lack of sympathy.

(line 6-9, para. 1, Passage 5 ) Differentials(差异)in infant mortality were very large---75 per cent higher in poverty than in nonpoverty areas. In both cases, the differences between white and nonwhite were even more substantial than between poverty and nonpoverty areas.

(line 3-4, para. 4, passage 6) Monitoring by computer has proven to be very accurate and increases early discovery of life threatening events.

Part V &n, bsp; Writing (20 points, 35 minutes)

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 35 minutes to write a composition on the topic Diligence is the Father of Success. You should write at least 120 words and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below.

1. 大多数人今天的成功都来自过去的勤奋

2. 勤能补拙

3. 懒惰和无所事事会使人一事无成











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