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  1.enable sb to do sth使某人能做某事   eg.The computer enables people to communicate with each other more conveniently./计算机使人们彼此间能更方便地交流。 about to do sth… when 正要做某事……突然……   eg.I was about to go shopping when it suddenly began to rain./我刚要出去买东西,天就突然下雨了。 accident/by chance/accidentally 偶然地   4.come across sb 偶然遇见   5.act on sth 依……行事   eg.Each student should act on the rules and regulations of the school./每个学生都应该遵守学校的规章制度。   6.add to/add up to 加上/总计达   eg.The number of the patients added up to three hundred last week./上星期,病人人数达到了三百人。 advance/ahead of time 提前   8.after all 毕竟   9.agree to do sth/agree with sb/agree to sth   10.aim at doing sth 下定目标做某事   eg.Aiming at winning the game, he practiced hard every day./为赢得比赛,他每天努力练习。   11.allow/permit/forbid doing sth 允许/允许/禁止做某事   12.allow/permit/forbid sb to do sth 允许/允许/禁止某人做某事   13.apologize to sb for sth 因某事向某人道歉   14.take sth in one's arms 抱着……   15.arrive at a conclusion 得出结论   16.put sb to shame 使某人相形见绌   eg.His courage put all the other students to shame./他的勇气令其他学生都感到惭愧不如。 astonish at sth 因某事感到震惊   18.make the bed 铺床   19.blame sb for sth/it is me to blame 因某事责怪某人/该受责怪的人是我   20.break down/break up/break out/break into 坏了/驱散/爆发/破门而入   21.hold one's breath/out of breath 摒住呼吸/上气不接下气   22.bring about/bring up 引起,使发生/抚养长大   23.burst into tears/laughters 突然大哭/大笑   24.burst out crying/laughing 突然大哭/大笑 at sp/call on sb/call up/call off/call out to/call for/call on sb to do 拜访某地/拜访某人/打电话/取消/大喊/叫来/号召某人做某事   26.carry out/work out/point out/find out 实现/做出/指出/查明   27.catch up with sb/keep up with sb/put up with sb 赶上某人/跟上某人/容忍某人   28.change sth into sth/exchange sth for sth 把……变成/交换   eg.Can you change this note into coins?/你能把这张纸币换成硬币吗?   eg.May I exchange this book for your new pen?/我能用这本书换你的新笔吗?   29.come into being/come to oneself/形成/恢复意识   eg.The new system came into being in the late 19th century./这种新体制在十九世纪后期开始形成。   30.have sth in common with sb 和某人有共同点   eg.The twins have a lot of things in common with each other./孪生姐妹间有很多相似点。   31.congratulate sb on sth/doing sth 祝贺某人某事 regarded/thought of/considered as 被认为,被当成 content/satisfied/pleased with 对……感到满意   34.encourage sb to do sth/encourage sb in sth 鼓励某人做某事   eg.He always encourages me to work hard./他总是鼓励我要努力工作。   eg.He always encourages me in my study./他总是在我的英语上给我鼓励。 covered with 被……覆盖 with/do with/handle 处理,解决 determined to do sth/make up one's mind to do 下定决心做某事 some degree/to some extent/in a way 从某种程度上来说   39.put off… until/delay 推迟   eg.The sport meeting has been put off until next Friday./运动会已经被推迟到下周五。   40.take delight in sth/doing sth 取悦于做某事   eg.One should not take delight in making fun of others./人不能以取笑他人为乐。   41.depend on/rely on/feed on/live on 依靠/依靠/用……喂养/以……为生 the distance/at a distance 在远处/隔一段距离   43.dress sb in sth/sb be dressed in sth 打扮某人 due to do sth 按期,按理该做某事,由于   eg.The train is due to arrive at 5 o'clock./火车应在五点到达。   eg.The failure is totally due to his carelessness./失败都是由他的粗心造成的。 eager to do sth/be eager for sth 迫不及待做某事/对……很热衷   46.have an effect on sth 对……有影响   eg.Smoking has a bad effect on people's health./吸烟有害健康。   47.make efforts to do sth 千方百计做某事   48.equip sb with sth/arm sb with sth 用……来武装某人   eg.The young people must arm themselves with knowledge./年轻人必须用常识武装自己的头脑。   49.expect sb to do sth/count on sb to do sth/want sb to do sth 期待某人做某事/指望某人做某事/想让某人做某事   50.make a face/be faced with sth 做鬼脸/面对……


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