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  第1题 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项( )。

  A. heard

  B. fear

  C. beard

  D. clear


  第2题 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项( )。

  A. explain

  B. extremely

  C. extra

  D. excuse


  第3题 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项( )。

  A. ceiling

  B. cigar

  C. certain

  D. coin


  第4题 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项( )。






  第5题 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项( )。






  第6题Take my__________ ,young man,and don’t drive so fast.

  A. notice

  B. expression

  C. advice

  D. experience


  第7题The lady was standing by the heater when her nightdress__________ fire.

  A. catches

  B. caught

  C. would catch

  D. had caught


  第8题 The toys are all so pretty. I don’t know__________ one to choose.

  A. that

  B. what

  C. which

  D. whose


  第9题 Bruce is a nice person. He__________ lend you the money, I believe.

  A. must

  B. might

  C. should

  D. would


  第10题 I don’t think I can__________ another night without sleep.

  A. carry

  B. keep

  C. stand

  D. support


  第11题__________knows the fact should report it to the police.

  A. Anyone

  B. No matter who

  C. Someone

  D. Whoever


  第12题__________with our small flat, Bill’s house looks like a palace.

  A. Compared

  B. Comparing

  C. Compare

  D. To compare


  第13题 The secretary won’t tell you when her boss __________back from abroad.

  A. is coming

  B. has come

  C. will come

  D. would come


  第14题 After a heated bargain, they finally agreed__________ the price for the used car.

  A. for

  B. on

  C. over

  D. with


  第15题 I looked around for a place__________ I could buy some chocolate, but everywhere was closed.

  A. and

  B. there

  C. when

  D. where


  第16题 It’s so hot today. Would you __________some ice tea

  A. care for

  B. care of

  C. care about

  D. care to


  第17题 The old man went to the information center soon after his arrival as the city __________so much.

  A. is changing

  B. changes

  C. had changed

  D. has changed


  第18题 All books are__________ to the library before Friday.

  A. returned

  B. to be returned

  C. to have returned

  D. to return


  第19题 Jackie could sing and play the piano, while I could do__________ .

  A. any

  B. both

  C. either

  D. neither


  第20题 I won’t be able to attend the meeting __________I’ll be on holiday with my family.

  A. if

  B. since

  C. though

  D. while



  Scientists who study the brain have found out a great deal about how we learn. They have 21__________ that babies learn much more from the sights and sounds around them than we 22__________ before. You can help your baby by taking advantage of her hunger to learn.

  From the 23__________beginning, babies try to imitate (模仿) the 24__________ they hear us make. They “read” the 25__________ on our faces and our movements. That’s 26__________ it is so important to talk, sing, and smile to your child. Hearing you talk is your baby’s first 27__________ toward becoming a reader, because it 28__________ her to love language and to learn words.

  As your child grows older, 29__________ talking with her. Ask her about the things she does. Ask her about the events and people in the story you 30__________ together. Let her know you are carefully 31__________ what she says. By keeping her in 32__________ and listening, you are 33__________ encouraging your child to think as she speaks. 34__________ , you are showing that you respect her knowledge and her ability to 35__________ learning.

  21.请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. discovered

  B. heard

  C. watched

  D. written


  22.请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. did

  B. hoped

  C. stuied

  D. thought


  23.请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. very

  B. suitable

  C. right

  D. early


  24.请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. efforts

  B. faces

  C. sounds

  D. stories


  25.请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. colcor

  B. eyes

  C. lines

  D. looks


  26.请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. how

  B. why

  C. when

  D. what


  27.请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. way

  B. time

  C. step

  D. act


  28.请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. allows

  B. helps

  C. moves

  D. persuades


  29.请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. continue

  B. remember

  C. start

  D. try


  30.请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. change

  B. read

  C. record

  D. tell


  31.请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. accepting

  B. enjoying

  C. carrying out

  D. listening to


  32.请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. talking

  B. singing

  C. smiling

  D. playing


  33.请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. then

  B. already

  C. even

  D. also


  34.请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. However

  B. Besides

  C. Otherwise

  D. Again


  35.请选择最佳选项( )。

  A. begin

  B. depend on

  C. keep

  D. turn to




  Brian and I were a few months into our relationship and I still hadn’t cooked for him. He was a skillful cook and the thought of preparing a meal for him made me feel worried. Finally, one day I decided that I would make dinner for him Saturday night. I bought an Italian cookbook.

  Saturday afternoon I made the filling first. There was no problem. Next, I started with an egg in the well of some flour, and the mixture changed into a mound of dough (面团). I began to feel good about myself.

  I glanced around the kitchen, looking for a rolling pin. My eyes lit on a bottle of wine I had bought to go with dinner. Not as good as a pin, but it would do. I rolled as best as I could, and then cut the dough with a knife.

  Just as I was finishing, the doorbell rang. I put the tortellini I made into the fridge and greeted Brian. He had brought along a bottle of wine and a rose to celebrate the evening.

  The pot of water began to boil. Brian watched as I pulled the tortellini out of the fridge, and his eyes opened widely. “You made tortellini?” he asked.“By hand? I don’t even make that, and I have machines to do the job.”

  I dropped the tortellini into the boiling water, and soon they were ready. Everything looked perfect. We sat down, and I watched as Brian put one in his mouth and chewed(嚼). And chewed. And chewed.

  Then I tried one. It was very thick. I knew it was all over. Brian would just taste the food, and then leave early with a headache and disappear into the night.

  But he ate them, admitting that they were a little thick, but really not bad.

  36.What made the writer feel worried at the beginning of the story?

  A. Making Brian a cook.

  B. Cooking a meal for Brian.

  C. Buying Brian a cookbook.

  D. Ordering food for Brian.


  37.Why did Brian bring wine and a rose to the writer?

  A. To show that he was pleased to have the tortellini.

  B. To express his happiness to have the dinner.

  C. To tell her that he’d remember the dinner.

  D. To show that he was her good friend.


  38.How did Brian feel when he saw what the writer had prepared?

  A. Proud.

  B. Curious.

  C. Surprised.

  D. Disappointed.


  39.What did Brian do after he had the tortellini?

  A. He praised her work.

  B. He said it was terrible.

  C. He kept silent about it.

  D. He left with a headache.



  Everyone knows about exchange (交流) and visitor programs that give students a chance to study in another country. But today there is a program that gives teachers a chance to teach in the United States.

  It is the Visiting International Faculty Program. VIFP is based in North Carolina and says it is the United States’largest cultural (学问方面的) exchange program for teachers and schools. The program has brought about 7,000 teachers to the United States since 1987.

  The program is open to teachers from Latin America, Europe, South Africa, Canada, Australia, the Philippines and New Zealand. It places them in schools in seven states for one to three years. After that, they must return home. The seven states are North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida and California. The teachers work for the school systems in these states and are paid the same as an American teacher.

  Teachers in the program must have a very high level in English. They must have a university degree. And they must have three years of teaching experience with students between the ages of five and eighteen.Two years of driving experience is also required. Visiting teachers may also be able to earn a master’s degree while in the United States.

  40.The passage is about a program for __________.

  A. students who are going to study in the US

  B. schools to improve their school systems

  C. teachers and schools in North Carolina

  D. foreign teachers to teach in the US


  41.What does VIFP refer to?

  A. A shool that serves international teachers.

  B. An organization founded by North Carolina.

  C. An exchange program that started in 1987.

  D. A training center based in the United States.


  42.Which of the following is required of a visiting teacher?

  A. Having taught at college.

  B. Working in the US before.

  C. Having a car of his or her own.

  D. .Holding a degree from a university.



  Now the weather report.

  Tonight ... mostly clear this evening. Then becoming partly cloudy. Humid (闷热潮湿) with lows in the upper 60s. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph.

  Tuesday ... partly cloudy in the morning. Then mostly cloudy with a change of showers in the afternoon. Humid with highs in the upper 80s. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph. Change of rain 50 percent.

  Tuesday night ... mostly cloudy with a change of showers in the evening. Then partly cloudy after midnight. Humid with lows in the upper 60s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Change of rain 40 percent.

  Wednesday ... partly cloudy in the morning. Then becoming mostly cloudy. Humid with highs in the mid 80s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph.

  Wednesday night ... cloudy with a change of showers. Heavy rainfall possible in some places. Humid with lows in the upper 60s. South winds 5 to 10 mph. Change of rain 40 percent.

  Thursday and Thursday night ... mostly cloudy with a change of showers. Highs in the lower 80s. Lows in the upper 60s. Change of rain 30 percent.

  Friday partly cloudy. A change of showers in morning. Highs in the mid 80s. Change of rain 30 percent. Frday night through Monday ... partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 70s. Highs in the upper 80s.

  43.On which days will there be southwest winds, according to weather report?

  A. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

  B. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  C. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

  D. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


  44.What will the weather be like during the day Wednesday?

  A. Change of rain 40 percent.

  B. More and more cloudy.

  C. Fine and then cloudy.

  D. Hotter than Tuesday.


  45.In the report“mph”is used to describe the__________ of the wind.

  A. direction

  B. force

  C. distance

  D. speed


  46.According to the report, __________on Friday.

  A. it will clear up in the morning

  B. there will be showers in the afternoon

  C. the temperature will go up

  D. there will be southeast winds



  Thanks to 谷歌, millions of Internet users are now swimming effortlessly in the information ocean. Internet users know that 谷歌 is a strong search engine that is designed to bring tons of information within their reach. Yet, few people make the most of 谷歌, says computer scientist Nancy Blachman.

  Blachman was introduced to 谷歌 in April 1999; her interest grew after working there for a few months. Before long, she was a 谷歌 fan. As Blachman studied the search engine, she became more and more skillful. Then, Jerry Peek suggested she write a 谷歌 guidebook. The idea interested her, and she began developing the website (网页), 谷歌 Since then, millions of people have used her website.

  Blachman guides her online (在线) students through step?by?step lessons. Some lessons are for new 谷歌 users, but experienced users can also find lessons they need. One tip: if you aren’t sure whether a word has a hyphen (连字符), it is best to search with the hyphen—this way 谷歌 will look for the word with the hyphen, without the hyphen and written as two words. And another:users can ask 谷歌 not to do something by putting a hyphen before the word. For example, someone searching for“Dallas cowboys”,who does not want the football team, should enter“Dallas cowboys?football.”

  Blachman says the website is her way of continuing teaching and helping people, which she enjoys. From 1990 to 1997, she taught courses at Stanford about mathematical software (App). She also has written several books.“A lot of people see 谷歌 as easy to use, and it is easy to use, but I am trying to make it even easier.”

  47.he purpose of the passage is __________.

  A. to teach computer users how to develop a website

  B. to teach computer users how to improve 谷歌

  C. to introduce one of the online dictionaries

  D. to introduce Blachman and her website


  48.What does Blachman think about 谷歌 users in general?

  A. They don’t know how to make full use of 谷歌.

  B. They don’t know how to swim in an information ocean.

  C. They have to take computer lessons to use 谷歌.

  D. They have to become a fan to be skillful 谷歌 users.


  49.If users are not sure whether the word they search for has a hyphen, they should enter__________ .

  A. the word with a hyphen

  B. the word without a hyphen

  C. two words rather than one

  D. the same word twice


  50.Which of the following is TRUE of the passage about Blachman?

  A. She has been working to make 谷歌 easier to use.

  B. She learned about 谷歌 from a guidebook.

  C. She tries to persuade people to work for 谷歌.

  D. She became a 谷歌 fan after developing her website.





  (Xiao Li = L;Parisian = P)

  P:Can I help you, sir

  L:Yes, please. I should be back to my hotel before dinner time, but

  51___.The map is in French, but I only speak English.

  P:Don’t worry.52___

  L:Riverside Hotel.

  P:OK.Go straight ahead until the third traffic lights.

  53___.The hotel is at the end of the street. You won’t miss it .


  P:About 20 minutes.

  L:OK. Thanks a lot.


  【正确答案】参考答案:51.I’m lost/I can’t find my way back/I don’t know how to get back there

  52.What’s the name of your hotel/where are you staying

  53.Then turn right

  54.How long will (/does) it take

  55.You are welcome/Don’t mention it 评分说明:本题应补入5处,每处3分,共15分。补入的部分内容恰当、语句正确、通顺的给满分。与答案不同但意思、语言无错误的不扣分。大体正确的,给2分。句子结构或用词有毛病但尚能达意的,给1分。句子结构或用词有严重错误的,给0.5分或不给分。完全错误或只写个别单词的不给分。每句中的拼写错误每1~2处扣0.5分,不倒扣分。












  Dear John,

  I’ve been in England for two weeks now. You must be eager to know what’s going on with me in your home country and how I feel about my stay here.

  I miss you very much and will write you more about my life here.

  Best wishes,

  Li Hua

  【正确答案】One possible version:

  Dear John,

  I’ve been in England for two weeks now. You must be eager to know what’s going on with me in your home country and how I feel about my stay here. I’m staying with an English family and spend a lot of time with them. They have a son of my age and very soon we become good friends. We talk about our school lives, and after?class activities too. By talking with him, I’ve improved my spoken English greatly. I’m sure you’ll find it when I’m back and see you again. The summer camp’s life is rich and colorful. We have a lot of activities, for example, visiting museums, playing football with the students here and having evening parties. I’ve learned a lot from these activities. I miss you very much and will write you more about my life here.

  Best wishes,

  Li Hua



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