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一、Phonetics(10 points)?Directions:In each of the following groups of words,there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A,B,C and D. Compare the underlined parts and ?identify? the one that is different from the others in pronunciation. Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the answer sheet.

第1题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. castle

B. listen

C. soften

D. costly


第2题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. sweat

B. wheat

C. meat

D. neatly


第3题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. shoot

B. blood

C. roof

D. tool


第4题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. accept

B. receipt

C. camp

D. empty


第5题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. exact

B. taxi

C. except

D. exercise


第6题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. weight

B. eight

C. height

D. neighbor


第7题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. literature

B. mature

C. nature

D. feature


第8题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. four

B. course

C. source

D. pour


第9题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. encounter

B. fountain

C. background

D. countryside


第10题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. entertain

B. obtain

C. certain

D. contain


二、Vocabulary and Structure (40 points)?Directions: There are 40 incomplete sentences in this section.For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D.Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on ANSWER SHEET Ⅰ.

第11题 Be careful, because that knife is very__________.

A. fast

B. hard

C. quick

D. sharp



第12题 “I missed the train home last night.”

“So__________ .”

A. have I

B. I have

C. did I

D. I did


【答案解析】“昨天晚上我错过了回家的火车。”“我也一样错过了。” ?考点?句法结构中倒装句的使用。

第13题 Why did they refuse to take your suggestion__________account

A. in

B. into

C. for

D. under


【解析】考生若能熟悉常用词组take... into account (把……考虑进去)的意思和用法,本题就能迎刃而解了。

第14题 A completely new situation will __________when the examination system comes into existence.

A. arise

B. rise

C. raise

D. arouse


【解析】A.arise (vi.)出现,发生;B.rise (vi.)上升,增高;C.raise (vt.)增加,举起; D.arouse (vt.)唤醒,引起。也可根据句法结构判定谓语应选择不及物动词,同时考虑词义的方法来解题。

第15题 My English teacher__________ me to try for a position at university.

A. insisted

B. persisted

C. encouraged

D. proposed


【解析】encourage someone to do something是一常用句型,意为“鼓励某人做某事”,如:We encouraged him to go to university.大家鼓励他上大学。

第16题 There was a loud crash as the door broke, and __________in the police.

A. did come

B. came

C. have come

D. they came


【解析】以in,out, away, up等表示处所、方向的副词开头的句子中,主谓语要倒装,如:Up went the rocket in the air.火箭直冲云天。

第17题 It was__________ that a hundred people looked lost in it.

A. so a large room

B. a so large room

C. such a large room

D. such large a room



第18题 There is no easy __________to the problem.

A. result

B. consequence

C. solution

D. reason


【解析】A.result结果,成果; B.consequence结果,后果; C.solution解答,答案; D.reason理由,原因。以上是四个名词的词义辨析,另外从词语搭配上也可以认定C项为正确答案,只有solution to是固定搭配,而其他三个词的搭配是of, for等。

第19题 With the help of the foreign experts, the factory produced__________ cars in 2001 as the year before.

A. as twice many

B. as many as twice

C. as twice as many

D. twice as many


【解析】表示“几倍于……”,用“twice/ three times等”结构。

第20题 “When can we come to visit you?”

“Any time you feel__________ .”

A. like it

B. for it

C. to

D. so


【解析】本题的关键在于掌握词语搭配feel like, 其意为“感到想要做”,其用法为“feel like something”或“feel like doing something”,如:Do you feel like a drink? 你想喝杯饮料吗?I feel like dancing today.我今天想去跳舞。

第21题 He came here __________for making more money__________ for working with you.

A. not...yet

B. notbecauseof...but

C. not...but

D. except...but



第22题 He came to the party, __________he hadn’t been invited.

A. in case

B. in spite of

C. even

D. although


【解析】从句法结构来看,引导状语从句的应是连接词,可以排除B、C选项,而A项in case意为“假使,以防万一”,和题义不符,只有D项although(尽管)符合题义。

第23题 “I’d like to buy a digital camera.”

“Well, we have several models__________.”

A. to choose from

B. of choice

C. to be chosen

D. for choosing


【解析】动词不定式作定语时,它和它修饰的词有时在意义上是动宾关系,又加之不定式是不及物动词,其后要跟必要的介词。在本句中choose是不及物动词(做出选择),作定语时要用to choose from.

第24题 She was so__________ in her job that she didn’t hear the phone ring.

A. attracted

B. absorbed

C. drawn

D. concentrated


【解析】无论从词语搭配的角度来看:attracted to; absorbed in; drawn into; concentrated on ; 还是从意义上来看:be absorbed in(全神贯注),均可判定B项为正确答案。

第25题 No sooner had he sat down to lunch __________there was a knock at the door.

A. when

B. that

C. as

D. than


【解析】no sooner... than (刚一……就)是一常用句型。在表示否定的词与词组放在句首作状语时要用倒装语序,考生应熟悉这种结构。

第26题 The clock__________ and we realized it was two o’clock.

A. hit

B. struck

C. turned

D. rang


【解析】 A.hit打,击中; B.struck(钟)敲响报时; C.turned转动,变成; D.rang敲(钟),按(铃),其主语是人,如:He rang the church bells.他敲响了教堂的钟声。

第27题 __________,we are determined to learn it well.

A. No matter how English is difficult

B. However difficult English is

C. No matter English may be difficult or not

D. However English is difficult


【解析】however=no matter how(不管如何),后跟形容词或副词,是一表示让步状语从句的常用句型,如:She always goes swimming, however cold it is.不论天气多么冰冷,她都坚持去游泳。

第28题 When there are small children around, it is necessary to put bottles of pills out of__________.

A. hold

B. reach

C. place

D. hand


【解析】选项中的四个词都是名词,其意思是: A.hold控制,约束; B.reach能达到的范围; C.place地点,场所(out of place 有“不在适当位置”的意思); D.hand手,人手。

第29题 He offered to__________ her a hand, for the suitcase was too heavy for her to carry.

A. help

B. show

C. lend

D. borrow


【解析】首先要弄懂词组a hand=some help(一些帮助),其搭配一般是:lend a hand或lend someone a hand,意为“帮助,帮忙”。如:Please lend me a hand with this heavy box.请帮我搬一下这只重箱子。

第30题 They did excellent work;__________ , they deserve to be praised.

A. therefore

B. but

C. however

D. still



第31题 “Do you have to leave?”

“Sorry, but I really__________ .”

A. have

B. had to

C. do so

D. must


【解析】英语的日常交际用语是一种惯常表达,考生应在复习过程中注意其表达方式。本题中must等于have to (必须)。

第32题 I like black coffee so much, the stronger it is,__________ .

A. I like it better

B. the more I like

C. the better I like it

D. I like it more


【答案解析】 [翻译]我喜欢喝浓咖啡,咖啡愈浓,我愈喜欢喝。 ?考点?常用句型“the more... the more...”。 【解析】“the more... the more...”句型表示“越(愈)……,越(愈)……”。如:the more, the better.越多越好。

第33题 That was the second time I __________China that year.

A. have visited

B. had visited

C. would visit

D. was visiting



第34题 “We’re late.The play has started.”

“I wonder how long ago__________.”

A. did it begin

B. it began

C. was it beginning

D. it has begun



第35题 The medicine is on sale everywhere, you can get it at __________chemist’s.

A. both

B. some

C. certain

D. any


【解析】本句的关键词是everywhere(到处,处处),和其匹配的词是any。any可以用在肯定句中表示“任何的”,如:Please give me a book, any book will do.请给我一本书,任何书都行。

第36题 “Shall I help you with the washing-up?”

“Don’t__________.I’ll do it later.”

A. trouble

B. bother

C. worry

D. disturb


【解析】日常交际用语是一种习惯的表达,通过语言情境表达意思很重要。本句问话是想提供帮助,应答语“Don’t bother”就等于“Don’t bother about the washing-up.”(碗碟不用洗了。)这一表达既是惯常的口语,又很礼貌得体。

第37题 He was determined to __________the cause of the food spoilage.

A. find out

B. figure out

C. look after

D. turn back


【解析】A.find out 查明,找到; B.figure out 计算出,估计; C.look after照料,照顾; D.turn back 返回,折回。

第38题 His car broke down when he was only__________ home.

A. a half way

B. half a way

C. half way

D. half way to


【解析】half way 等同于half?way,意为“在中途,在半路上”。

第39题 It was his doctor who advised that he__________ his job.

A. changed

B. change

C. would change

D. had changed



第40题 Excuse me, but it is time to have your temperature__________ .

A. taken

B. taking

C. took

D. take


【解析】过去分词作宾语补足语是表被动的、完成的,本句中have your temperature taken(量体温)和have my hair cut(去理发)的结构是相同的。

第41题 They don’t__________ students run in the corridors.

A. allow

B. permit

C. accept

D. let


【解析】动词不定式在使役动词(let, have, make, please等)和感觉动词(see, watch, hear, feel, notice等)后作宾语补足语时,要省略不定式的标记to。只有D项let符合这一要求,所以D项为正确答案。

第42题 The daily news reported that 305 people__________ with SARS in Guangdong Province.

A. has become infected

B. has become infecting

C. had become infected

D. had become infecting



第43题 The old couple decided to __________a boy and a girl though they had three of their own.

A. adapt

B. receive

C. bring

D. adopt


【解析】A.adapt:使适应,改写; B.receive:接收,收到; C.bring;带来,引起; D.adopt: 收养,采取。

第44题 How many countries will__________ in the 2008 Olympic Games

A. participate

B. play

C. take

D. have



第45题 I can hardly stand __________a piano__________ so badly.

A. hearing...being played

B. hearing...playing

C. to hear...playing

D. to


【解析】I can hardly stand后面应是状语结构,应从A、B选项中选择。钢琴的演奏是被动的,应选择A项为正确答案。

第46题 __________,the workers continued their work in the open.

A. Heavy as was the rain

B. As the rain was heavy

C. As heavy was the rain

D. Heavy as the rain was


【解析】本句中让步状语从句的表语部分提到句首,形成部分倒装句,以表示强调,如Late as it was, we continued the experiment.尽管时间不早了,大家仍然继续做实验。

第47题 __________does Mr.Robinson go to London on business

A. How many

B. How long

C. How often

D. How usually


【解析】A.How many多少(一般后跟名词); B.How long多长时间(指连续时间,常用在完成时中); C.How often隔多久一次(指间隔时间,常用在一般时态中); D.How usually一般没有这种搭配。

第48题 Doctors say drinking water will help the pain __________after the body has the right amounts of water and salt.

A. disappear

B. disappearing

C. disappeared

D. disappears


【解析】根据语法规则:在help后面动词不定式作宾语补足语时,可以省略to, 也可以不省略,可判定A项disappear为正确答案。

第49题 When a fire__________ at the National Exhibition in London, at least ten priceless paintings were completely destroyed.

A. broke off

B. broke out

C. broke down

D. broke up


【解析】A.break off折断,断开; B.break out发生,爆发; C.break down击倒,失败; D.break up打碎,结束。

第50题 __________a big stone on the road, the truck stopped.

A. Seeing

B. Having seen

C. Seen

D. The driver seeing


【解析】有时分词或分词短语作状语时,可以带自己的动作主体,一般用名词或代词表示,放在分词前面,这种结构就是分词独立结构。例如:Time permitting, they will start to do a new job.(独立结构作条件状语)The experiment finished, we left the lab and went home.(独立结构作时间状语)

三、Cloze (20 points)Directions: For each blank in the following passage, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D.Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on ANSWER SHEET Ⅰ.

It was a quarter past nine as Marie hurried into the office building where she was going to work.Her bus moved slowly along through __________51 morning traffic, making her a few minutes late for her very first job.She decided to start out half an hour earlier the next day.

Once inside the hall she had to stand at the elevators and wait several minutes__________52 she could get on one to go to the sixth floor.When she finally reached the office marked “King Enterprises,” she knocked at the door nervously and waited.There was no answer.She knocked again, but still there was no reply.__________53 inside the next office, she could hear the sound of voices, so she opened the door and went in.

Although she was sure it was the same office she had been in two weeks before when she had had the interview with Mr.King, it looked quite different now.In fact, it __________54looked like an office at all.The employees were just standing around __________55.At the far end of the room, somebody__________56 have just told a good joke, she thought, because there was a loud burst of laughter as she came in.For a moment she had thought they were laughing at her.

Then one of the men looked at his watch, __________57 his hands and said something to the others.Quickly they all went to their desks and, in a matter of seconds, everyone was hard at work.No one paid any attention to Marie.Finally she went up to the man who was sitting at the desk nearest to the door and explained that this was her first day in the office.Hardly __________58from his work, he told her to have a seat and wait for Mr.King, who would arrive __________59.Then Marie realized that the day’s work in the office began just before Mr.King arrived.Later she found out that he lived in Connecticut and came into Manhattan on the __________60 train every morning, arriving in the office at 9∶35 a.m., so that his staff knew exactly when to start working.

第51题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. light

B. heavy

C. strong

D. serious


第52题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. since

B. until

C. after

D. before


第53题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. From

B. Through

C. At

D. Over


第54题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. much

B. somewhat

C. hardly

D. roughly


第55题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. chatting and smoked

B. chatting and smoking

C. chatted and smoking

D. chatted and smoked


第56题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. should

B. could

C. might

D. must


第57题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. clapped

B. touched

C. felt

D. shook


第58题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. looking up

B. looking for

C. looking down

D. looking out


第59题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. at one moment

B. at the last moment

C. at the moment

D. at any moment


第60题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. busy

B. long

C. same

D. empty


四、Reading Comprehension (60 points)Directions: There are four reading passages in this part.Each passage is followed by five questions.For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D.Choose one best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on ANSWER SHEET Ⅰ.

Passage One

It was a case of emergency.The four?year?old girl awoke and smelled smoke.She couldn’t wake her mother, so she dialed “zero.” An operator immediately called the fire department.Help was sent, and a tragedy avoided.

Days before this emergency, the mother had taught her child how to telephone for help.Children as young as two and one?half years old can be taught to use the phone in emergency situations.Here are some points.

?Memorizing certain facts is important.Teach your children their names, and the section of town where you live.Try to keep what they learn within their abilities.Simple information, learned well, is better than difficult information only partly learned.

?Be sure your children know how to use the telephone.They should be taught to dial “zero” for the operator, at the very least.And they should be taught to dial “911” if it is used in your town.

?Practise over a period of several days.Over?learning is necessary so the child can act automatically in case of emergency.

?If you would like a booklet giving instructions on calling for help, write Telephone For Help, Box 99, Bowling Green Station, New York, NY 10004.

第61题 From this passage, why is it a good idea for children to learn how to use the telephone?

A. Children have fun dialing.

B. Emergencies happen without warning.

C. Children can wake their parents.

D. Dialing can help children with their math study.


第62题 Based on this passage, over?learning is good because.

A. simple information is used

B. children should know their names

C. it helps children act automatically

D. difficult information is only partly learned


第63题 Paragraph 4 talks about dialing “911”.This number is probably.

A. the operator

B. an emergency number

C. a practice number for children

D. used to keep children calm


第64题 One thing the passage does NOT tell you to do is.

A. call your neighbor

B. practise several times

C. teach children how to use the telephone

D. have children memorize some simple facts


第65题 What is the main idea of the passage?

A. Give instructions on calling for help.

B. Partly?learned information is useless.

C. Teach children how to deal with emergencies.

D. Keep what children learn within their abilities.


Passage Two

I was only eight years old when the Second World War ended, but I can still remember something about the victory celebrations in the small town where I lived on the day when the war in Europe ended.We had not suffered much from the war there.But both at home and at school I had become accustomed to the phrases “before the war” and “when the war is over”.“Before the war”, apparently, things had been better, though I was too young to understand why, except that there had been no bombs then, and people had eaten things like ice?cream and bananas, which I had only heard of.When the war was over we would go back to London, but this meant little to me.I did not remember what London was like.

What I remember now about VE (Victory in Europe) Day was the May evening.After dinner I said I wanted to see the bonfire (大火堆), so when it got dark my father took me to the end of the street.The bonfire was very high, and somehow people had collected some old clothes to dress the unmistakable figure with the moustache (胡子) they had to put on top of it.Just as we arrived, they set light to it.The flames rose and soon swallowed the “guy”.Everyone was cheering and shouting, and an old woman came out of her house with two chairs and threw them on the fire to keep it going.

I stood beside my father until the fire started to go down, not knowing what to say.He said nothing, either.He had fought in the First World War and may have been remembering the end of that.At last he said, “Well, that’s it, son.Let’s hope that this time it really will be the last one.”

第66题 Where did the author live before the Second World War?

A. In London.

B. In a small town.

C. In Europe.

D. In the countryside.


第67题 What kind of food had the author certainly not stated during the war?

A. Bread.

B. Butter.

C. Meat.

D. Ice?cream and bananas.


第68题 The unmistakable figure with the moustache most probably represents.

A. those who died in the war

B. those who had won

C. an imaginary figure

D. the most hated person in the war — Hitler


第69题 Which of the following statements is true?

A. The author’s father built a bonfire on VE Day.

B. The author’s father had fought in the First World War.

C. The author’s father had fought in the Second World War.

D. The author’s father threw two chairs on the fire to keep it going.


第70题 By saying “Let’s hope that this time it really will be the last one”, the father meant that.

A. he wished people had not build the bonfire

B. he hoped people would not build any more bonfires

C. he hoped there would be no more wars in the world

D. he wished the Second World War had not happened


Passage Three

At the first sight the planet Mars does not appear very welcome to any kind of life.It has very little oxygen and water, the temperature at night is below ?50℃ and winds of 100 miles per hour cause severe dust storms.However, the surface of the planet seems to show that water flowed across it some time in the past, and it is believed that there is enough ice at the poles to cover the planet with water if it melts.Although there is no life on the Mars now, some scientists think that there may have been some form of life long time ago.At that time, the planet had active volcanoes; the atmosphere was thicker and warmer; and there was water.In fact, in some ways the Mars may have been similar to the Earth, where life exists.

Some people believe that the Mars could support life in the future if the right conditions were produced.The first step would be to warm the planet using certain gases which trap the Sun’s heat in the planet’s atmosphere.With warmth, water and carbon dioxide(二氧化碳), simple plants could begin to grow.These plants could slowly make the Mars more suitable for living.It is estimated that the whole process might take between 100,000 and 200,000 years.In the meantime, people could begin to live on the planet in special closed environments.They would provide a lot of useful information about conditions on the Mars and the problems connected with living there.

第71题 Some scientists think there may have been life on the Mars in the past because.

A. there is no life there now

B. there is a large amount of water at the poles

C. the Mars may be able to support life in the future

D. conditions may have been similar to those on the Earth


第72题 There could be life on the Mars in the future if.

A. it supported life in the past

B. certain gases are used to cool the planet

C. the atmosphere can be heated enough to grow simple plants

D. the planet’s volcanoes become as active as they were in the past


第73题 People may be able to live on the Mars.

A. within the next 200,000 years

B. only 200,000 years from now

C. only 150,000 years from now

D. as soon as the planet becomes cool enough


第74题 The author’s attitude towards the possibility of life on the Mars in the future is.

A. doubtful

B. positive

C. negative

D. uninterested


第75题 Which is the best title for this passage?

A. The Possibility of Life on the Mars.

B. Future Conditions on the Mars.

C. The Mars and the Earth.

D. A Study of the Climate of the Mars.


Passage Four

It is physically impossible for a well?educated intellectual, or a brave man to make money the chief object of his thoughts; as physically impossible as it is for him to make his dinner the principal object of them.All healthy people like their dinner, but their dinner is not the main object of their lives.So all healthy?minded people like making money—ought to like it and to enjoy the satisfaction of winning it; but the main object of their lives is not money; it is something better than money.

A good soldier, for instance, mainly wishes to do his fighting well.He is glad of his pay—very properly so, and just complains when you keep him ten months without it; still, his main opinion of life is to win battles, not to be paid for winning them.

So of doctors.They like fees no doubt—ought to like them; yet if they are brave and well educated, the entire object of their lives is not fees.They would rather cure their patients and lose their fees than kill him and get it.And so with all other brave and rightly trained men; their work is first, their fees second, very important always, but still second.

第76题 The main idea of this passage is that.

A. money matters more than work

B. money is not necessary at all

C. money is as important as work

D. money comes second to work in importance


第77题 The passage implies that healthy?minded people best enjoy.

A. the happiness of accomplishing their work

B. the satisfaction of making money

C. the pleasure of having their dinner

D. the fun of fighting battles


第78题 According to the author, a good soldier.

A. dislikes his pay

B. ignores his pay

C. ignores his pay

D. doesn’t complain when kept without pay for months


第79题 The author believes that a good doctor.

A. makes money the entire object of his life

B. places curing his patient above all

C. doesn’t like making money

D. enjoys his work only


第80题 Which of the following is the chief technique used by the author to support his argument?

A. Sharp contrast.

B. Logical reasoning.

C. Detailed description.

D. Illustration with examples.


五、Writing (20 points)Directions: For this part, you are supposed to write a letter of invitation in about 80 words based on the following situation.Remember to write it clearly on ANSWER SHEET Ⅱ.







【正确答案】[参考范文] Dear Peter, My girlfriend, Mary, and I would like it very much if you would be our guest on my 25th birthday party on December 15 at 10 a.m. The party is to be held in Dongfang Hotel and you can take a Bus No.81 from your company to Zhongshan Market Stop.Then you can change to a Bus No.18 which will take you straight to the hotel. We are really looking forward to seeing you again.Please write soon and tell us if you can come. Yours, Mark



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