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一、Phonetics (10 points)?Directions: In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A, B, C and D.Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation.Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on ANSWER SHEET Ⅰ.

第1题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. grammar

B. damage

C. cable

D. package


第2题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. physics

B. cycle

C. nearby

D. myself


第3题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. greedy

B. genius

C. guilty

D. guarantee


第4题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. spread

B. steady

C. steal

D. threaten


第5题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. catch

B. child

C. march

D. machine


第6题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. continue

B. true

C. due

D. value


第7题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. humble

B. hotel

C. honesty

D. horizon


第8题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. trouble

B. touch

C. young

D. house


第9题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. channel

B. personnel

C. label

D. travel


第10题 选出下面读音不同的选项()。

A. insure

B. leisure

C. measure

D. pleasure


二、Vocabulary and Structure (40 points)?Directions: There are 40 incomplete sentences in this section.For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D.Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on ANSWER SHEET Ⅰ.

第11题 They have two teams,and__________ have a good chance of winning.

A. all

B. either

C. both

D. each


【解析】A.all 全部, 全体;B.either 两者中的任何一个, 两者之一(谓语动词用单数); C.both 二者, 双方(谓语动词用复数); D.each (两个或两个以上人、物中的)每一, 每个(谓语动词用单数)。

第12题 There’s been a(n)__________ about the weather.

A. warning

B. information

C. news

D. advice


【解析】A.warning 警告, 提醒; B.information 信息, 资料; 资讯, 消息; D.advice 劝告, 忠告。

第13题 __________ fun and good exercise,car racing is a very useful skill.

A. For

B. About

C. Besides

D. Beside


【解析】A.For 为了(目的), 适合; B.About 关于, 大约; C.Besides 除……之外; D.Beside 在……旁边, 在……附近。

第14题 The child was__________ for getting his shoes and socks wet.

A. stopped

B. blamed

C. accused

D. complained


【解析】“to blame someone for (doing) something”是常用句型, 意思是“因(做)某事而责怪某人”。本句的谓语动词是过去时的被动语态。

第15题 Read the book carefully__________ you will find lots of data you need.

A. and

B. so

C. or

D. if


【解析】本句是一并列句, 两个独立分句处于平等的, 互不依从的并列地位。and是并列连词, 表示平行、接顺等; 而其他三个选项分别表示“结果”、 “选择”、 “如果”等。

第16题 I used to smoke__________ ,but I gave it up three years ago.

A. severely

B. heavily

C. strongly

D. seriously


【解析】smoke heavily 可以看作是固定搭配, 如drink heavily 酗酒; rain heavily 下大雨; sweat heavily 大量出汗等。

第17题 Don’t shout in the meeting room,__________?

A. should you

B. will you

C. can you

D. could you


【解析】本句是反意疑问句, 它有前后两部分, 若前一部分为肯定式, 后一部分用否定式; 若前一部分为否定式, 后一部分用肯定式。

第18题 As soon as you sat down,you fell asleep. I realized how __________.

A. tired you were

B. were you tired

C. you were tired

D. tired were you


【解析】how 引导的是宾语从句, 从句的结构是主语+谓语, how 又修饰 tired, 语序应是: how tired you were。

第19题 Mary saw her son __________the piano when she came to the room.

A. playing

B. play

C. played

D. to play


【解析】A项playing 为现在分词, 作 her son 的宾语补足语, 表示动作是主动的、 进行的。

第20题 More than ten percent of the workers __________ from Italy.

A. is

B. comes

C. was

D. are


第21题 “Can you ask your neighbors for help?”

“I’m afraid not. I __________know any of them.”

A. only

B. hardly

C. seldom

D. just


【解析】A.only 仅仅, 只; B.hardly 几乎不; C.seldom 很少是; D.just 正好, 仅仅。

第22题 We will not go to the party __________we are politely invited.

A. if

B. however

C. whether

D. unless


【解析】A.if 如果; B.however 然而, 可是; C.whether 是否, 无论; D.unless 如果不, 除非。

第23题 During the Ice Ages,man developed the use of tools,and this is a way of protecting himself against__________ .

A. shortcomings

B. hazards

C. faults

D. conflicts


【解析】A.shortcomings 缺点, 不足; B.hazards 危险, 冒险; C.faults 过错, 缺点; D.conflicts 冲突, 抵触。

第24题 The High Street is so narrow that the local government has decided to __________it.

A. increase

B. lengthen

C. widen

D. extend


【解析】A.increase 增加, 增长; B.lengthen 变长, 加长; C.widen 变宽, 加宽; D.extend 伸展, 延伸。

第25题 I don’t mind washing up but I hate to __________the beds for the guests.

A. put

B. make

C. arrange

D. wash


【解析】make the bed 是一固定搭配, 意思是铺床, 整理床铺。

第26题 The doctor suggests that a person__________ exercises every day if he wishes to be healthy.

A. does

B. did

C. do

D. will do


【解析】在动词suggest 后面的宾语从句中, 谓语动词常用虚拟语气结构, should 往往要省略。

第27题 __________ it is to listen to music!

A. How fun

B. How a fun

C. What a fun

D. What fun


【解析】本句为感叹句句型: What +名词+陈述句的其他部分。 fun (乐趣)为不可数名词, 所以C项是错误选项。

第28题 “What’s the matter with you,my dear?”

“I feel my heart__________ fast.”

A. jump

B. jumping

C. beat

D. beating


【解析】首先排除A、 B选项, 因为jump的意思是“跳高、 跳跃”, 不能和heart连用。本句是现在分词beating作heart的宾语补足语, 表示动作是主动的, 进行的。

第29题 Although he had stayed in that business for two years, __________he still wanted to switch to a different career.

A. and

B. but

C. yet

D. so


【解析】首先应排除A项和D项, 明显和句子意思不符。but表示对立时, 一般较轻松自然, yet则往往比较强烈, 出人意料。C项yet符合本句的意思。

第30题 If I knew more English,I__________ for this position.

A. would apply

B. will apply

C. may have applied

D. will have applied


【解析】本句的条件从句是违背现在事实的假设, 主句的谓语动词就要用虚拟语气, 其结构为would/should+动词原形。

第31题 I__________ a lot of English while I was in England.

A. picked out

B. put out

C. put up

D. picked up


【解析】A.picked out 选出, 认出; B.put out 扑灭, 出版; C.put up 举起, 修建; D.picked up 举起, 学会。

第32题 I phoned him this morning,but when I said who I was he__________ .

A. rang up

B. hung up

C. lined up

D. held up


【解析】A.rang up 打电话; B.hung up 挂断电话; C.lined up 排队, 排列; D.held up 举起, 延迟。

第33题 I __________my former school teacher when I was shopping yesterday.

A. ran away

B. ran down

C. ran into

D. ran over


【答案解析】 [翻译]我昨天购物时, 偶然遇见我以前学校的老师。 ?考点?词义辨析。 【解析】A.ran away 跑掉, 逃走; B.ran down 用完, 减少; C.ran into 偶然遇见, 达到; D.ran over 满出, 温习。

第34题 She’s very pretty,but she’s not__________ clever.

A. at all

B. at least

C. entirely

D. completely


【解析】词组at all 通常用于否定句中, 用来加强语气, 如 I do not understand at all.我一点也不明白。 at all 的意思是根本, 到底, 一点儿。

第35题 “I wish that your sister would come to visit me.”“Well,I’ll tell her when I__________ her.”

A. see

B. saw

C. will see

D. would see


【解析】根据英语句法结构的规则:在表示时间、条件等状语从句中, 一般将来时要用一般现在时来代替。

第36题 Cars moved very slowly in the 1920s,but they __________more quickly than in the 1910s.

A. were to move

B. would move

C. did move

D. do move


【解析】这是一个用did引导的强调句。如果句子的谓语动词没有助动词, 可以用 do 或 did 表示强调, 一般译为“务必, 确实, 一定”等, 如Do come early.一定早点来。

第37题 New typewriters cost about __________price of the second?hand ones.

A. three times the

B. a three times

C. .the three times

D. three times a


【解析】这是一个用did引导的强调句。如果句子的谓语动词没有助动词, 可以用 do 或 did 表示强调, 一般译为“务必, 确实, 一定”等, 如Do come early.一定早点来。

第38题 “Please don’t make a noise.”

“__________. I’ll be as quiet as a mouse.”

A. Yes,I won’t

B. Yes,I will

C. No,I will

D. No,I won’t


【解析】“No, I won't.” 是对上句“make a noise”的应答。切记:No 后边必须是否定句。

第39题 John went to the __________to buy a pair of shoes yesterday.

A. shoes store

B. shoes’ store

C. shoe’s store

D. shoe store


【解析】shoe store(鞋店)是一固定的搭配, 类似的搭配如, department store (百货商店), clothing store (服装商店), paint store(油漆商店)等。

第40题 “ __________does the No.3 bus run?”

“Every ten minutes.”

A. How soon

B. How fast

C. How often

D. How long


【解析】A.How soon 过多久之后, 多快, 回答时多用 in+时间段; B.How fast 多快, 问的是速度, 回答时多用距离+时间; C.How often 多久, 多长时间一次, 问的是频度; D.How long 多久, 多长, 问的是时间持续多长, 或物体的长度等。

第41题 “Please don’t__________ to ask me if you have any questions.”

“Thank you very much. I’ll do that.”

A. pause

B. stop

C. wait

D. hesitate


【解析】A.pause 暂停, 中止; B.stop 停止, 阻止; C.wait 等候, 等待。 D.hesitate 犹豫, 踌躇。

第42题 No sooner had he entered Harvard __________his sister entered Yale.

A. since

B. after

C. than

D. before


【解析】A.pause 暂停, 中止; B.stop 停止, 阻止; C.wait 等候, 等待。 D.hesitate 犹豫, 踌躇。

第43题 __________ the TV tower at night,the city looks even more magnificent with all its lights on.

A. Seeing from

B. To be seen from

C. To see from

D. Seen from


【解析】“Seen from the TV tower at night” 为过去分词短语作状语, 表示动作是被动的, 完成的。全句的主语是 city, 它不能去望, 所以可排除 A、B、C选项。

第44题 The swimming pool was __________because of the water supply.

A. out of use

B. out of the way

C. out of fashion

D. out of place


【解析】A.out of use 未使用; B.out of the way 离开, 走错路; C.out of fashion 不合时的, 不合时尚的; D.out of place 不适当的, 不在合适的位置。

第45题 The streets are all wet. It__________ during the night.

A. must be raining

B. must have rained

C. had rained

D. must rainb


【解析】从眼前的事实出发, 对某事进行某种推测, 表示很有可能的肯定, 即“一定”, 英语的谓语动词要用must+have+过去分词的结构, 如Her office is empty—she must have gone home.她的办公室里没有人, 她一定是已经回家了。

第46题 Only under special circumstances__________ to take make-up tests.

A. are freshmen permitted

B. freshmen are permitted

C. are permitted freshmen

D. permitted are freshmen


【解析】本句是倒装句, only 引出的状语放在句首时, 一般要用部分倒装, 如 Only after class was he allowed to raise the question.只有下课以后才允许他提出问题。

第47题 It is known to the world __________Mark Twain is a great American writer.

A. this

B. which

C. that

D. it


【解析】本句是倒装句, only 引出的状语放在句首时, 一般要用部分倒装, 如 Only after class was he allowed to raise the question.只有下课以后才允许他提出问题。

第48题 I like black coffee very much. The stronger it is,__________.

A. I like it better

B. the more I like

C. the better I like it

D. I like it more


【解析】“the+比较级, the+比较级”是一常用句型, 表示“越……越……”的意思, 如, The harder you work, the more you will learn.你越努力, 学得就越多。

第49题 “I’m very tired.”

“We really should stop__________and go to bed.”

A. to study

B. studying

C. of studying

D. from studying


【解析】动词短语“stop doing something” 是一固定搭配, 意为“停止做某事”, 如 Stop talking.不要说话了。

第50题 __________ hearing the result,Mary felt relieved.

A. As

B. At

C. For

D. On


【解析】动词短语“stop doing something” 是一固定搭配, 意为“停止做某事”, 如 Stop talking.不要说话了。

三、Cloze (20 points)Directions: For each blank in the following passage, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D.Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on ANSWER SHEET Ⅰ.

My father waved me good?bye and the bus set off. The person sitting 51__________ to me was an engineer going to Peahawar to inspect the roads. He said that traveling by bus was an excellent way to 52__________ the roads. We passed many villages on the way and stopped 53 __________to buy cold drinks,54 __________it was hot and thirsty. The countryside was brown and dry and there were long stretches with no people or villages in sight. We had to stop once at some road works,too, 55__________ made my traveling company very happy. Most of us were going to sleep in the afternoon heat when we were woken by a sudden noise,which 56__________ like a shot from a gun. As the bus suddenly changed the direction and then stopped at the side of the road, I remembered all the stories I had heard about robbers who used to attack travelers on deserted roads 57__________ this.Many of the other passengers looked as frightened as I must have looked. My neighbor,however,said,“Nothing to 58 __________about. Only a burst tyre. But we shall have to wait while he 59 __________the wheel.” After an hour my cousin met me at the bus station. “Well,there you are.”He said,“I was beginning to wonder 60__________ had happened to you.”

第51题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. beside

B. next

C. near

D. behind


第52题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. test

B. observe

C. measure

D. watch


第53题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. one or two

B. one or twice

C. once or two

D. once or twice


第54题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. which

B. because of

C. .for

D. when


第55题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. that

B. what

C. where

D. which


第56题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. heard

B. sounded

C. listened

D. looked


第57题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. as

B. as to

C. like

D. to


第58题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. think

B. talk

C. quarrel

D. worry


第59题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. changes

B. moves

C. takes

D. washes


第60题 请选择最佳答案()。

A. why

B. what

C. how

D. when


四、Reading Comprehension (60 points)Directions: There are four reading passages in this part.Each passage is followed by five questions.For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D.Choose one best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on ANSWER SHEET Ⅰ.

Americans and Arabs are different in their space habits. Arabs prefer close contact. Dr.Hall has explained that the Arabs belong to a touch culture and in conversation,they always envelop the other person. They hold his hand,look into his eyes,and bathe him in their breath.

Dr.Hall’s interest in man’s use of space developed in the early nineteen fifties when he was Director of the Point Four training program at the Foreign Service Institute. In talking with Americans who had lived overseas,he found that many of them had been highly uncomfortable because of culture differences. Such discomfort is usually referred to as culture shock.

The problem is that,relatively speaking, Americans live in a noncontact culture. Partly,this is a product of our puritan heritage(清教徒学问遗产). Dr.Hall points out that we spend years teaching our children not to crowd in and lean on us. And in situations where we ourselves are forced to stand close to another person on crowded subways,for example,we turn our eyes away,and if actual body contact is involved,tense the muscles on the contact side. Most of us feel very strongly that this is the only proper way to behave.

第61题 When the Arabs talk to you,they __________.

A. .try to be as close to you as possible

B. keep a certain space from you

C. hold you tightly

D. do not allow you to feel their breath


第62题 From the information in Paragraph 3,it is obvious that__________ .

A. the American way is the only right way to behave

B. the puritan heritage stresses noncontact culture

C. American children are more polite than those in other countries

D. American people usually cannot make themselves understood


第63题 When you line up to wait for your turn in the United States,you should__________ your front neighbor.

A. stick to

B. lean on

C. keep a certain distance from

D. stay far away from


第64题 Which of the following statements is NOT mentioned in the passage?

A. People from different cultures handle space in different ways.

B. Many of the Americans who had lived overseas were bothered by culture differences.

C. Misunderstandings often develop between Americans and Arabs in social contacts.

D. Dr.Hall is interested in culture differences,especially man’s use of space.


第65题 It is true that .

A. a noncontact culture is usually referred to as culture shock

B. there is evidence that Americans belong to a touch culture

C. there is evidence that Arabs share a noncontact culture

D. our use of space is influenced by our cultures


It seems that beauty and women are twins.You are joking?No,I am not.Observe for yourself. Ads on fashion flood TV screens,radio programs,magazines,newspapers,and the streets. Whether they have realized or not,women are besieged(包围)by a sea of fashion. They are taught to think that without beautiful clothes they will grow old and lose their charm. So who dares to neglect dressing up at the cost of their appearance and youth

But I do not agree with the opinion that women have to show their beauty through their looks.The richness of their mind proves to be more beautiful and attractive than their looks. A woman who has experienced many troubles and may be called“aunt”or“granny”can still maintain her beauty if she has such excellent qualities as knowledge,ability,a kind heart,great courage and concern for others.

In addition,old and young,beautiful and ugly are relative concepts. People who keep a young mind will never feel old. Curious about new things and eager to learn more,they keep up with the tide. Plainly dressed women may have a type of beauty,which is pure and real.

Reading and learning is the best way to keep one youthful. Good books are fertile soil which can feed the flower of one’s heart and looks.

第66题 Why does the author say that beauty and women are twins?

A. Women are born to be beauties.

B. Women like to show off their beauty.

C. Women try to maintain their beauty by dressing up.

D. Women are proud of their beauty.


第67题 According to the author,in order to stay young and attractive,women should__________ .

A. follow the fashion

B. dress up in beautiful clothes

C. do more exercises

D. enrich their mind


第68题 Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. As a woman grows old,her beauty will gradually disappear.

B. However old she is,a woman with some excellent qualities can still maintain her beauty.

C. Even a plainly dressed woman may have pure and real beauty.

D. A woman with a young mind never feels old.


第69题 The word relative(Line 1,Paragraph 3)most probably means__________ .

A. similar

B. comparative

C. related

D. independent


第70题 The author believes that __________.

A. women should lay more emphasis on their own qualities

B. beautiful clothes can make women more attractive

C. women have to show their beauty through their looks

D. women are more curious about new things than men


Sports fans all over the world recognize the name Michael Jordan. From Taiwan to Tennessce,kids wear clothes with his picture on them. Jerseys(球服)with his number 23 on the front,jackets with the Bulls on the back,and Air Jordan sports shoes all reflect the fame of this superstar. Michael Jordan has become the most famous attraction of the world’s favorite spectator sport.

Michael Jordan was born in 1963 in Brooklyn,New York. Growing up,Michael did not look like a future superstar. He was very shy and didn’t like to talk to other people about himself. He was also very short. He showed little promise of having a future career in basketball. When he tried out for the freshman team in high school,Michael didn’t make it. The next year,however,he grew tall enough to join the team.

Michael’s road to fame began at the University of North Carolina. He brought an acrobatic style to the game that few had seen before. Michael used his quickness and strength to reach the basket again and again. He became famous for his powerful slam dunk(灌篮). Basketball fans from all over the world began to take notice. One reporter wrote that when Michael went up to dunk the basketball,it looked like he could fly. He was given the nickname “Air Jordan”.

第71题 Kids all over the world wear the things related to Jordan except__________ .

A. shoes

B. jerseys

C. jackets

D. socks


第72题 Which of the following is NOT the reason that Jordan didn’t look like a future superstar?

A. He was poor.

B. He talked less to others.

C. He was too shy

D. He was short.


第73题 Jordan grew much taller __________.

A. after he joined NBA

B. in the first year in high school

C. in the second year in high school

D. in the first year in college


第74题 According to the passage,which is not mentioned about Jordan’s advantages?

A. Quickness

B. Strength

C. Skills

D. Patience


第75题 When did the name“Air Jordan”become well?known?

A. After a reporter compared his dunk to flying.

B. After he won the “Most Valuable Player”in NBA.

C. In his freshman year in the university.

D. In his first year in NBA.


Exercise,everyone advises! But immediately,when you try,you run into trouble. There is so much contradictory,sometimes incorrect advice about exercising that you become confused. Test yourself on the following true?false quiz. It will tell you what you need to know.

1.To lose weight you should always“work up a good sweat”when exercising.

False. Sweating only lowers body temperature to prevent overheating:it does not help you reduce weight. You may weigh less immediately after a workout,but this is due to water loss. Once you replace the liquid,you replace the weight.

2.You burn more calories jogging one mile than walking the same distance.

False. You use the same amount of energy whether you walk or jog the mile,since in both cases you are moving the same weight the same distance. The speed doesn’t matter. Of course,if you jog rather than walk for 30 minutes, you’ll cover more distance,and therefore burn more calories.

3.If your breathing doesn’t return to normal within minutes after you finish exercising,you’ve exercised too much.

True. Five minutes or so after exercising,your breathing should be normal,your heart shouldn’t be pounding,and you shouldn’t be exhausted. Beneficial exercise is not too difficult,unpleasant,and exhausting;it is enjoyable and refreshing.

4.Walking is one of the best exercises.

True. Walking helps circulation of blood throughout the body,and thus has a direct effect on your overall feeling of health.

第76题 This article explains __________.

A. the difficulties of exercising

B. why exercising is good for your health

C. important information to know about exercising

D. why people have some wrong ideas about exercising


第77题 The underlined phrase work up in Quiz 1 means__________ .

A. relieve

B. develop

C. lose

D. waste


第78题 Which of the following statements is true about Quiz 2?

A. You use the same amount of energy whether you jog or walk for the same amount of time.

B. You use the same amount of energy whether you jog or walk the same distance.

C. You use more energy if you jog rather than walk the same distance.

D. You use more energy if you walk rather than jog for the same amount of time.


第79题 Quiz 3 shows the author’s opinion by__________ .

A. telling readers to exercise for five minutes a day

B. pointing out wrong ways in exercising

C. giving examples of beneficial exercise

D. comparing the results of beneficial exercise and too much exercise


第80题 The author believes__________ .

A. walking is one of the best exercises

B. working up a good sweat is the best way

C. walking is better than jogging

D. over?exercising is the best way


五、Writing (20 points)Directions: For this part, you are supposed to write a letter of invitation in about 80 words based on the following situation.Remember to write it clearly on ANSWER SHEET Ⅱ.

第81题 英语系的钱教授要为本系学生作一个讲座。请写出一则关于这个讲座的通知,通知内容包括以下几个方面:





【正确答案】Announcement Attention All Students, Professor Qian of our English Department will give us a lecture on English Business Letters in the Lecture Theatre on Friday, April 15th, 2004, at 2∶30 p.m.The lecture includes: the structure of business letters, the language stylistics of business letters, etc.All the students of English Department are expected to be present, and the students of other departments are also warmly welcome.Please be there on time.All foreign language students are requested to have a discussion about his lecture.If the students have any questions to ask prof.Qian, write them on a slip of paper and hand them in before Friday, April 12, 2004.

【解析】短文一定要切题, 就是说必须根据题目或提出的条件去写, 只要能正确表达思想, 内容清晰完整, 语言通顺达意, 用词恰当, 无重大的语法错误, 就是一篇好的短文。


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